[Video] The Bad Guys Want You To Fail + Villain Cosplay


Check me out dressed up as Negan from The Walking Dead with an important message for you.

What? It was just Halloween for gosh sakes!

If you’re not familiar with the show, I talk about the reason why certain villains resonate with us so much – especially free-spirited, entrepreneurial, creative types.

Because they remind us of the status quo. The “authorities.” The rule makers. The ones who like to think they are in control.

HA. Well, we’re the rule breakers, aren’t we? Check out my video below on the subject:

But I think villains also remind us of our own personal demons. Our subconscious, self-limiting beliefs. Our own self-sabotage. I struggled with this for yearssss, y’all. And everyone has it. This is what keeps us from success. Keeps us from breaking through.

When you get on the Super Affiliate Network Profit Boosting Bootcamp, not only do you get that much closer to success with your internet marketing business with a workable system, you also show that “Bad Guy” who’s boss! We make sure you live up to your full potential no matter what it takes with important mindset shifts, reading and actual know-how that will produce results in the internet marketing business.

That’s my purpose for being on this planet. To educate and enlighten and I so appreciate you giving me the opportunity to do that by reading my blogs and e-mails.

Let’s get you to take a look at The Super Affiliate Network Profit Boosting Bootcamp where Misha Wilson, the creator and superstar, will tell you more about the program that personally changed everything for me.

It made me bolder. It gave me more direction. It gave me success at my fingertips. I just needed the bootcamp to jumpstart my six-pack 😉 and six-figure action plan.

Thanks for reading!

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