The Pyramid of Wealth and how to become your own pharaoh.


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It’s incredible to be able to wake-up to virtual mentors every morning that just jump start you in the right I’m-going-to-kick-some-butt mindset.

I try and avoid my Facebook feeds (tough to do, I know) first thing in the morning because of the amount of bickering and negativity that gets loaded into our feeds from friends and family.

Pro tip: Try and avoid that as much as possible. Unfollow super negative people.

Instead, I go on Snapchat or Youtube and hook up with some of my virtual mentors like Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, etc.

Snapchat and Youtube are great because they offer direct feeds from the people you subscribe to. There’s nothing else you have to look through.

These guys happen to be friends or acquaintances and are all about empowering you with knowledge and skills.

This morning, Tai Lopez, talked about the pyramid of wealth which you can watch more about here.

But basically it involves debt and scarcity at the bottom. Yuck.

Then, financial health, prosperity and at the very top, Wealth Impact.

How do you ascend?

1. Find your life’s purpose.

What do you love to do? When do you feel your best? Your brightest? Like you’re really making a difference. Become awesome at this thing and be able to make an income out of it and you’ll literally jump out of bed in the mornings.

2. Win friends and influence people.

You are the average of the five people you surround yourself with. But what if you don’t have access to millionaires (and beyond) who are great people you want to learn from?

Good news! These people generally are so interested in helping  others out that they write and record books or online classes!

This has been the single biggest successful action for me and I’ve been able to bump up my income demand more than anything for the least amount of money through $10-$20 audiobooks while driving.

Like 5x more than what I used to make a year ago for a fraction of the time.

I’ve learned more x 20 than I ever could have at a University in terms of motivation, sales and marketing.

3. Motivation vs Procrastination + Work Smarter

No one is going to change your life for you. Not Trump. Not Hillary. Not anyone. We are in charge.

Do what motivates you. You basically know what this is. It’s getting exercise in, getting pumped about all the goals you want to accomplish and actively going after it!

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Be real,

Dominick Pirone

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