Plans That Backfire and the Avatar Turned Radioactive Drag Queen. [Happy Halloween!]

Happy Halloween!

This is my favorite holiday. Why?

Because I can let my freak-mode out and no one says anything! Freaky is normal.

And as you can see freaky runs in my family! These pictures above are from a party I DJ’d with my brother Tommy (the blue guy) in our hometown with our family and friends.

We tried for Avatar characters but ran out of blue glow-in-the-dark paint which left me with red.

When life gives you lemons, right?

So after that Avatar abomination, we thought we’d try really cool bright yellow paint for our Avatar eyes above our human eyes.

The result?

I came out as a Radioactive Drag Queen! Nowhere even close to Avatar. LOL

Ridiculous! But hey. I can honestly say I came out totally unique.

And we had a friggin’ blast. I hope the same for you with your friends and family this Halloween! It’s been one of those weekends where you just sit back and truly admire how awesome you have it.

And even better feeling is seeing how you’ve worked to create those amazing things happening to you. Damn that’s satisfying!

I got to celebrate Halloween on 3 different occasions, DJing two parties and dressing up as a real bad guy for fun.

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Whatever that means for you.

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Dominick Pirone

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