Learn to generate an endless stream of top-notch content – from Seinfeld?!

Ever fallen victim to writer’s block?
Or vlogger’s block?
Or even tweet block?
It ultra-sucks, man! That’s for sure. Forget blocks… I’ve experienced writer’s void-of-pure-nothingness. 😉
When you feel like you have to strain to get things out, not only do your results suffer but your confidence to step up to the plate again the next day suffers as well. And the one after that. And after that.

There is nothing scarier than a blank canvas, an empty e-mail draft window and their counterpart: no results.

Did you know Hitler was a failed art student?

Seth Godin talks about it in one of his books. It was easier for him to create destruction than it was to create anything else. Crazy, huh?!

This is why critics and naysayers are so prevalent. If you look at their core, they are mostly failed, suppressed artists. All they can create are criticisms and nagging nastiness. (Is that a thing?) Sad.

Seth gives us an awesome and simple solution: Each day in front of the blank whatever-it-is you’re-going-to-create-on, you need to just sit down and do the work.

Just sit down and write.
Just pick up the camera and start shooting.
Just hit the record button and get going.

Just do it man!

That doesn’t mean you should post it just yet. But it’s important to just start.

Things DO just kind of pour out of you once you get going. The hardest part is just sitting down and doing it.

Part of “us” will fight your creative endeavors… Ever heard any of this inside your head?

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.
“You’ve got nothing of value to say.”

“You’re not an authority and no one will believe you.”
“Seriously? This is crap.”

Wow, that was productive. “Why did I sit down to write again?” you might ask yourself.

Ever have that conversation with yourself? It happens.

You must conquer that Resistance. The “voice” inside your head that tells you to just put it off till later. And let’s be clear here: It’s not a voice of reason. It’s a voice of self-sabotage. It’s not there to help you in any way and it’s not reasonable, nor is it accurate.

I did this for so long. Listened to this “voice.”

I would read a book and get all inspired or have some profound experience and not write it down or record it or remark on it. What results do you get from that? Nothing. Sometimes you even forget what the success or win was in the first place! Don’t allow that to happen.

This is why it’s great to write down notes any chance you learn something new or have a realization. Or just tell Siri or Alexa or whoever your digital assistant is on your phone:

“Remind me to write about __________.” (Insert awesome idea here) Then just check your reminders for all your awesome ideas when it comes time. (Pro life hack)

Oh yeah! It’s totally free to put your ideas out there. And you never know where they can take you.

To help you out, one of the things we pass around The Super Affiliate Network is Russell Brunson’s “Seinfeld Method” (all credit to the master!) to come up with great ideas for content.

And it works. Here it is for you:


 If you’re familiar with the TV show, you know how the writers of the show just nail everything – every time.

They can talk about a dog pooping on the sidewalk and it’d be hilarious. Because it’s real life. And it’s hysterical. Especially the way all the characters interact.

Inside each TV above is the category and style of delivery of the e-mail and all the different ways they can be presented.

I’m a big fan of the Epiphany style personally because I love ideas, inspiration and enlightenment.
But the other styles are great for a change of pace to keep your readers on their toes and engaged.
At the Super Affiliate Network, we can’t wait to give you all our tips, tricks and tools to make your home & internet business super-successful.
Dominick Pirone

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