Elon Musk’s two ultra-success secrets revealed in this blog.


My jaw keeps hitting the floor while reading about Elon Musk.

I’m a huge fan of anyone who can bend our realities on what’s possible with electric cars, rockets that can self-land on drone ships, inter-planetary travel and harvesting asteroids for resources – instead of our own planet.

Elon Musk is a legit mega-thinker. But he’s got two “superpowers” I want to talk to you about.

Since he was a kid, he’s been a ravenous, voracious [means having a very eager approach to an activity] reader, sometimes reading 1-2 books in a single day, often running away while on vacation with his family to find a bookstore and just immerse himself in knowledge. He had read the encyclopedia TWICE when he was in grade school, before computers and the Internet were around. He read his first computer programming course in 3-4 days instead of the prescribed 6 weeks. Oh yeah! And he’s got a photographic memory – meaning he remembers basically everything he studies.

Can you image that? Before Google was even around, his parents and family would just “Elon” their questions by asking him and he’d know the answers. Amazing!

On top of his incredible ability to study, he’s also furiously devoted (ultra-focused) on getting what he wants. At an early age, he’s been thinking about electric cars, rockets and outer space. Now he’s the king of all three of those things. And he didn’t really care about what other people thought.

As a “nerdy” guy in college, he pursued his future wife for months and months until he finally won her over, despite her not really being interested in guys like him.

He pulled all-nighters and ate Jack In the Box 4 times a day [that would personally kill me right there] for months and slept on a bean bag by his desk having employees kick him awake in the morning while working on his first Internet company, Zip2.

So many valuable lessons to take away from his life. And I’m only a few chapters in!

Now you might get the idea that he’s privileged in some way and that he’s got way more abilities than YOU.

Not true… Consider this. At an early age, his parents split and Elon went to live with his Dad who is basically a horrible human being, per Elon and his siblings. They never quite say what his Dad would do, but it was basically the equivalent of torture for years between his Dad being mentally domination and bullies routinely chasing him and beating him up in grade school. And doing it ruthlessly. Like UFC kinds of beat downs. Yeesh.

Elon had a terrible childhood and yet was able to still overcome physical and mental abuse and show those “bad guys” what’s up. He survived two divorces and continues to create on his dreams and has five kids.

What I’m getting at is this: Do you have the correct and valuable information you need to study over and over and furiously apply with dedication to get the results you’re after? You could keep searching and searching and finally get things right with enough effort and practice (or possibly not). OR, you could get a mentor and DO what people who are getting results are doing. That’s what Misha Wilson did for me. That’s basically what Elon did with his book knowledge and future partners and mentors he would meet.

At the Super Affiliate Network, we are here to give you superpowers in the form of the right information easily presented and the courage to expertly execute the actions that will result in greater time to do what you want, bigger commissions, more status in this space and so much more. We’re going to the stars, y’all! And we want you on board.

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Keep Being Super,
Dominick Pirone

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