Funny: Do You Suffer from Holiday Onset Panic?

Just had to show you this! Made a spoof video promo on a made-up disease, Holiday Onset Panic, with a cure: to handle Christmas shopping in 3 minutes with massage gift certificates. It’s nice for a laugh. Check it out here: But seriously, I think this is a thing. Especially when we’re strapped for time and cash…

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The Pyramid of Wealth and how to become your own pharaoh.

  Click here to learn more about ascending the wealth pyramid with a home business that provides value to the marketplace: The Super Affiliate Network.   It’s incredible to be able to wake-up to virtual mentors every morning that just jump start you in the right I’m-going-to-kick-some-butt mindset. I try and avoid my Facebook feeds…

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[Video] The Bad Guys Want You To Fail + Villain Cosplay


Check me out dressed up as Negan from The Walking Dead with an important message for you. What? It was just Halloween for gosh sakes! If you’re not familiar with the show, I talk about the reason why certain villains resonate with us so much – especially free-spirited, entrepreneurial, creative types. Because they remind us of the…

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[Video] Is life one big, sick, cruel game?

Is life one big, sick, cruel game my friends? With the elections the way it is – sometimes I wonder. 😉 But that’ll be over soon. Thankfully. I think? Have you ever thought life might just be one big, sick and cruel game? Been there. Done that. And my viewpoint is life IS definitely a…

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[VIDEO] How to Overcome Problems and Make Them Disappear


Make Problems Disappear?! WHAT VOODOO DO YOU SPEAK OF?! I think it’s possible. Naturally more problems will always present themselves. But take a look at my video to see what I’m talking about. 🙂 Watch it here: Love to hear your thoughts and comments below!

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