Are we addicted to DRAMA? Here’s the Zero Drama Life detox.



“You can be a victim. You can be an icon. You don’t get to do both.” – Robin Sharma, Attorney turned Super-Motivator

Drama. It’s all around us. At work, at home, on TV – even at the dang library! (A friend of mine talked about going to the library and while parked, someone banged a dent in the side of her truck. Oy!)

Did I mention work? Yeesh! That’s where we spend 70% of our lives so that’s really not good.

Could it be that some of us (and I’ve been guilty of this before) are addicted to drama? In his video, Robin talks about “Crisis Oriented Living” where we can actually get addicted to and feed off drama & upset because of the adrenaline it triggers which gets us all fired up wanting to b*tch and complain.

Getting fired up = Good!
B*tching and complaining = Not so good!

Why? There is little if nothing that’s going to change as a result of complaining. And as soon as you start, congratulations… You’ve now entered victimhood.

The only problem? There is nothing that’s going to change as a result. And as soon as that happens, congratulations… You’ve now entered victimhood. 

Buy a house, find a room, paint it whatever color you want… This is not going to be good. Because that victim-baby ain’t cute. We can nurse this horrible thing that’s happened to us until we’re blue in the face and you know what happens?


I’m so guilty of this, y’all. In the past, I felt wronged by this job and that person and – places and people I actually really loved – but then got my butt kicked by not handling my weak areas. And when you’re in Marketing and High School at the time, those weak areas will show their face and make you crayyyy.

Well who’s fault is this? I was given access to the training to strengthen these areas at one of these jobs. We can always practice our craft to get better at things.

Here’s an answer. It’s no one’s fault.

It just is what it is and the world, your success and your life are waiting for YOU to realize that YOU gotta overcome this stuff!

We all do. (Is it THE answer? Decide for yourself.)

Maybe we get some sympathy from friends and family that will try their best to listen to us ( 😉 ). But in the end, we are the ones that need to rise above the noise and get some real change happening in our lives, families, communities, etc.

It’s like Robin says in his awesome video about the Zero Life Drama Method:

“You can live a world-class life or you can be surrounded by victims. But you don’t get to do both.” – Robin Sharma

(If you’d like to read some of Robin’s stuff, check out The Leader Who Had No Title: or The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari:

Truth bomb.

Every great thing in my life has happened because I rose to the occasion:

⚾ Hit a game-changing play in little league baseball because of practice! (Still remember that!)

🏋🏼‍ Lost 75 pounds in two years because of the paleo diet, regularly working out and hardcore lifestyle changes.

🏆 Became a top bookseller at a non-profit after putting in years of work and training a LOT.

😍 Won over the woman of my dreams after working on myself for yearssssss. (Doesn’t have to take that long, but sometimes… it might.)

There are more accomplishments but those really stick out for me because they were game-changers. Turning points of Dominick going from bleh to YEAH.

So here is what Robin says to start working toward icon/world-class life status:

1. Do a toxicity evaluation of your life.

He tells us to ask ourselves: “Where are the places in my life and the people in my life that de-energize me?”

Awareness and spotting these things are the first step in any transformation. And you can either turn into MegaTron or a Deceptacon. 😉 (Nerdy Transformers reference.)

If you are stuck in your own victim-junk, you’re going to have a lot of trouble seeing this. I did for yearsssssssss. Yearssssssss. With lots of s’s. You don’t want that for yourself.

Robin says and I agree with it, especially when you start breaking out of the funk:


“We are the Creators of our own lives. We are the Captains of our own success or failure.” – Robin Sharma

(If you’d like to read some of Robin’s stuff, check out The Leader Who Had No Title: or The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari:

It’s pretty easy to take this victim thinking on instead or the creator and captain thinking.

It’s my boss. It’s the country I live in. It’s this. It’s that. Gah! It could be an endless list.

2. Release toxic people.

Life is too short – and way too long – to be around energy vampires. It’s being found by SCIENCE that we can actually pick up on the subconscious thoughts of others around us and they become part of us.

Say whatttt?!

Yep. Like Science backed by Big H: Harvard. Try and dispute that. 😉

We can actually start to mirror the negative thoughts of those around us. Youch. This is why it’s very important to surround yourself with constructive people who are legit doing well in life – in ALL areas of life.

And why we need to be very upbeat and talk about what everyone can agree on – that’s good – when you’re around family or friends that you care about who are maybe a bit beaten down.

Install and inject your positivity into them. We have the right – and duty – to do this. Try not to let them get the best of you. Well, really… It’s the toxic nasties that have infected them that they’ve gone effect to. Help pull them out of that!

3. Release toxic pursuits

Pursuits like watching the news. Talking about the news. Talking about what you watched on the news. Reading the news. Talking about what you read. Reading what others are talking about in the news.


It’s designed to show you the worst of humanity (and give you that addicting, adrenaline rush we talked about earlier) so that you continue tuning in and buying what the adrenaline junky inside us wants. The thrill of life!

But that is not the way to get it, man. Sorry.

Not trying to preach, y’all. I always take a crazy look at my life when I write things like this and it helps me get exterior and outside a lot of it.

Hope this helps!

Your friend,

Dominick Pirone

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